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Are you visiting from another area or sending a special postcard from your home town? Look no further! Rose has many of the local attractions as postcards.

    Jeffeson Street, Hastings, MI
    honor our local soldiers and sailors
    historic grain mill, Middleville, MI
    historic view of Hastings, MI
    scuplture in Hastings, MI
    city park in Nashville, MI


Select one or several from Rose’s collection and thrill people with sites of Hastings and the surrounding areas. If you’re looking to refresh your office decor, Rose will be happy to use the postcard photographs for larger, high-quality prints. 


Each post card measures 5 1/2″ x 4 1/8″ or 4″ x 6″ (unless specified) with a full-color gloss photo on front. All postcards are © Copyright Protected by Photographic Memory. 

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To purchase, or if you have a suggestion for a new postcard, please contact Rose of Photographic Memory by phone or email during normal business hours.   

Jeffeson Street, Hastings, MI

The General Store - South Jefferson St., Hastings, MI

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    • 50 for $32.50 or 100 for $60.00
    • Choose one or select of mix of several different designs. 
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    • Please provide your tax license number when you order. 

    The Hastings Mural card is 5 x 8 inches. It features State Street’s north side looking east. This same mural (Floor to ceiling in height) is the highlight of the Cafe’ at Thornapple Manor where the residents feel like they are walking downtown Hastings. 

    All postcards are © Copyright Protected by Photographic Memory. 

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cool days and blue skys at Lake Michigan