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Our families drive us nuts, make our hearts swell with pride and always keep us laughing. Trust Rose to capture not just what you look like but your personality as well. These will be the portraits that will remind you of all the good things in your life.

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Price Guide

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For Every Season of Life

Rose will photograph your family from the time your babies are born all through their growing up, and even getting older.  Rose will go to your home or favorite location for your session.  You may also come to the studio for your portraits.

More Than Just Photos

You will be able to purchase photographic prints, note cards, books and many other items to display your family and children for everyone to enjoy.  If you prefer, you may purchase the digital images so you can have them printed wherever you would like. 


Sisters photographed in the park.

  • Things to Consider When Preparing for Your Session


    • Outdoors or Studio?
    • When outdoors – will the area be paved, muddy, rocky or grassy?
    • When in studio – do you want to be formal or casual?


    • Everyone in the group needs to be the same style – formal, classy, casual
    • Avoid large patterns or logos – unless that is the reason for the portrait
    • Colors don’t have to match but they do need to go together


    • Accessories to show personality – scarves, purses, shoes
    • Use props to show what you enjoy doing – hobbies, sports, work
    • Pets add to the family so add them to a few poses

    Hands & Feet

    • We often show your hands and feet in the portraits
    • Clean and trim nails so they are ready if we show them
    • Shoes in the same shade or use are best – all in sports shoes or all in casual or dressy shoes…
    • Everyone could go barefoot

    Where will you display your portrait?

    • What color is your room where the portrait will be displayed?
    • Is the room formal or casual?
    • Will the portrait be framed or “float” off the wall?

Another Happy Client!

  • the whole family


    Middleville, MI


    “Rose, The pictures arrived today and are wonderful!  Thanks so much for capturing our family!”

  • Ready to Get Started?

    If you have questions about my Family & Children services, or you want to hire me for your next project, simply send me a message using my contact form.

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