• The purpose of a business is to provide a product or service that will be valued by consumers. In doing so, the business owner plans to earn a generous living or fulfill a charitable mission. Rose will help you highlight your products and personnel so you can concentrate on the rest of your company.
  • Our families drive us nuts, make our hearts swell with pride and always keep us laughing. Trust Rose to capture not just what you look like but your personality as well. These will be the portraits that will remind you of all the good things in your life.
    Art in the park
  • Show your artistic passion with the help of Rose and photography.
    Lighthouse at sunrise.
  • Gerald Ford Comes Home is a pictorial tribute to Grand Rapids as they welcome home for the last time their President of The United States.
  • Your military service is of great respect and honor. So make it count by hiring an experienced photographer.
  • If you're traveling out of country for the first time, or your passport is due to expire and needs to be updated, get your professional passport photo by scheduling a session with Rose.
  • Are you visiting from another area or sending a special postcard from your home town? Look no further! Rose has many of the local attractions as postcards.
    downtown store fronts at twilight Hastings, MI
  • Have a product to sell? Give the best first impression to your potential buyers with professional product photos.
    goat milk soap
  • Planning to sell your home as For Sale By Owner? Not an easy task; but Rose can help make sure your house stands out with professional photos. 
    The country manor home
  • Preserve the memories of your family's heritage with Rose's photo restoration expertise.
    photo restoration by Rose Hendershot
  • High school senior photography by Photographic Memory to mark this pivotal time in your life with portraits and products for you and your loved ones. Rose Hendershot is an accomplished senior photographer in Barry County.
    Bring your session to your favorite spot.
  • What if you (or someone you love) is a cancer patient and could forget about their illness or treatment ... if only for a second? That's what this session is all about.
    Stronger Together