The purpose of a business is to provide a product or service that will be valued by consumers. In doing so, the business owner plans to earn a generous living or fulfill a charitable mission. Rose will help you highlight your products and personnel so you can concentrate on the rest of your company.

    Show your products in your literature to their very best.
    Suits and ties make a very formal impression.
    Product photos for your marketing.
    a bit less formal professional portrait


Bring the Studio to Your Office

Rose Hendershot will bring the “studio” to your office to keep your productivity up and photograph your staff before your business is open or over a lunch break. Your portraits can be with a traditional background or your business setting or some of each to give you variety. Finished portraits are ready quickly and sized for use on your website, in brochures, or print advertising.   As a Master Photographer, Rose will help you to look your best for the photographs with retouching and image enhancements. We will keep in mind that your portrait still needs to look like you when people meet you so we won’t over do it with the retouching. 

Your business is about more than just your staff. When you need a photo to show where you are or what your facilities have to offer, Photographic Memory is the right choice to take the photos. 

Campaign Photos 

If you are running for a public office, Rose will help you look your best in your photographs to use in your campaign. Posters, flyers, brochures, website and billboards are all places where you will need to have beautiful photographs. Rose will even go to several locations and get the “shaking hands” and “kissing baby” photos if that is what makes your campaign stand out. 

Take a look at how we can highlight your building, products and staff.  Rose will photograph one person or your entire staff for your website and promotional literature.  By scheduling Rose to come to your business, you will have photographs that give your customers an idea about how your company works. 

Veterinary office

Seidl Veterinary Clinic.

  • What should you wear to a corporate photo shoot?

    If this is a corporate photo shoot, you want to look professional. Remember, you are representing the company, so go with the office look. For the ladies, a blouse and skirt, a blouse and trousers, or a suit jacket over a shift dress makes a great option. Women may also wish to consider knits and jersey fabrics, as they lay nicely on the body.

  • Does color matter?

    Color might influence the way people respond to your photo, so it’s beneficial to choose your colors carefully. Simple, neutral tones might be best for professionals who want a minimalistic look in their portraits. Darker neutrals like brown, black and navy are typically appropriate, as studio lights sometimes obscure light colors.

    Bright, bold colors can be a way to capture people’s attention, especially in creative industries. You could also research which colors might compliment your skin, hair and eyes on camera to ensure you look lively and alert in your portrait.

  • What are the beneifits of buiness portraits?

    1. Portraits are useful on social media for connecting with other professionals in your industry.
    2. Your portrait demonstrates that you’re committed to your career and take your work seriously.
    3. A warm smile in your portrait can signal friendliness and empathy for your client.

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